Timo Scharf, aka SON, is a prolific singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Germany. He was born, the youngest of three children, in the suburbs to his father, in construction, and mother, a domestic assistant. He found his singing voice as an undaunted seven-year-old and at sixteen began to write his own lyrics and melodies, primarily focusing on personal and family issues, while performing within the local rock and punk scenes of his home town.

Timo has worked for most of his adult life in Social Work, engaging closely with psychologically damaged young people in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district as well as being put in charge of ten under privileged children in German youth healthcare institution. He has also worked in a facility to help integrate refugees from the Middle East steadily into life in Germany. Timo is currently working towards his qualification in Systemic Psychotherapy alongside his work in Social Care. His vocational experiences have informed his lyrics as much as his personal ones and when approaching his writing he draws from panoptical family issues; he sings knowledgably about these relationships as an insider.

In 2015, after ten years of working within social and youth services, Timo decided to push the physical boundaries of his already significant experience and became a travelling busking artist building upon that artistry from his formative musical career. SON travelled and performed continuously, within six months, across four continents.

After this extensive exploration SON’s music has grown and the lyrics have gained a platform from which to speak loudly and be heard. In 2016 he played over sixty shows including support for Swedish songwriter Kristoffer Bolander and German born Matze Rossi on his “Ich fange Feuer“ tour. In 2017 he played many concerts and supported artists Lisa Who and Judith Holofernes. Extensive touring and performing has developed SON’s sound into territory occupied by contemporaries Josh Rouse, Jakob Dylan and Wilco.

SON has a close relationship with Scotland, with Edinburgh being the backdrop to one of his music videos and the primary location of his recordings to date. His debut album will be recorded in Leith’s Post Electric Studio and produced by Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones. Rod recognised Timo’s talent at a workshop in the Summer of 2014 and has been working as his producer ever since. He has performed on a remote island on the West Coast at the harmonious and hospitable Iona Village Hall Music Festival alongside bands such as This Is The Kit, Idlewild, C.Duncan and SAY Award winner Kathryn Joseph.

SON’s music is as wandering and explorative as his travels; lyrically he has been informed by and examines human vulnerability and yet the decided forbearance of the songs allows for a measured and hopeful cadence. Timo shares his autobiographical experiences fearlessly with the listener and, frankly, it’s deeply appreciated.